Should the control valve, which has every operating part in, fail to function properly it is guaranteed against all malfunction and defects, except for physical damage.
Physical or structural damage to the control valve sustained as the result of fire or extreme heat of any origin, water pressure exceeding 100 PSI, freezing, dropping, or any other abnormal impact on the conditioner is not covered. Replacement or repair charges for such damage will be charged at current repair rates, above and beyond the guaranteed repair or replacement cost.

The brine tank purchased should be free of defects of workmanship or material if used with normal water conditioning chemicals in contact with the polyethylene material of which it is constructed. It is not warranted against penetration by sharp or pointed objects or against damage caused by excessive heat, freezing, thaw, misuse, and neglect or mishandling.
Under this obligation, we will be limited to replacing or repairing any defective container. This does not include consequential damages and supersedes any other warranty, expressed or implied.

The fiberglass mineral tank is guaranteed 10 YEARS for all 6”-13” diameter polyglass and polyester FRP vessels, and 5 YEARS for all remaining sizes against rust, corrosion, bursting, or leaking, except as the result of extreme heat of any origin, freezing, water pressures exceeding 100 PSI, dropping or abnormal impact on the conditioner. If a tank fails, except for the above exceptions, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge.
There are no labor charges from Southwest Water Service, Inc for the replacement of warranted components for 2 YEAR.